Welcome to Yoga for BJJ

"Where do I start?"

Start with the Beginner's Program, to see where you are at

"That was too much!"

Try Yoga for rocks

"How often and much?"

Figure out how many times per week and how long the sessions should be, based on your other commitments.

We recommend 10 minutes in the morning or evening every day, plus 2-3 longer sessions per week to go from discipline to habit.

"But I'm really busy..."

Try the 10 in 10

"What do I do after?"

Follow this progression:

Beginners (or rocks)

Startup week

Foundation week

Foundation week 2

Comp week, Hip week, or body part specific weeks...


Like anything, consistency over time will help you improve.

Keep it up and you will feel the benefits.

Overdosing is not an issue.

Stay Consistent and Feel The Benefits

Your first challenge is to prioritize consistent practice.

Make that your goal and stick to it.

There is no point saying you will do an hour a day every day to start, 10 minutes is enough to begin.

Once you have made that a habit you can build on it.

Feel great on the mats at jiu-jitsu

Improve mobility, flexibility and strength

Classes for every body & every level
Practice anywhere, anytime & at your own pace
Unlimited on-demand classes & replays of live classes

Jiu-jitsu relevant poses, to keep you close to your training goals

Yoga for BJJ Community

We also have a brand new Community feature that you can post, discuss and share things on.

This will bring the strong Yoga for BJJ Community together and help people connect with each other.

Beginner Programs To Choose


Your practice does not end there.

Follow this Yoga for BJJ Roadmap for beginners and keep it up. Save the image and keep going. Once you are done with the programs in the picture then we can recommend you more programs based on your goals.

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