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I’ve been a subscriber for nearly 2 years. It started as a means to fix my ailments. Now I use it almost everyday to keep me in just free and to improve my game (on and off the mat). It’s fantastic.



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I am on day 3 working through the beginner lessons. Great instruction and I really appreciate the encouragement to take it slow and play the long game for maximum flexibility. I hurt my groin this week and was having trouble walking at work. I worked through the groin therapy program this morning and I was able to roll full force at class tonight. It’s like having a physical therapist on call. I found the rib injury therapy to help as well. Very happy!



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Over 50 Blackbelt

I will never be without this investment! This app has everything from novice to expert. I especially like the yoga for rocks & boulders, as well as, the rehab programs.



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