A Unique Retreat Combining Yoga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

14th - 19th of July with Sebastian Broschè

What's Included

5 nights Accommodation

Boat To and From Sibenik

Daily Breakfast Included

Morning Yoga with BJJ Drilling & Sparring

BJJ Seminars

Evening Stretching and Open Mat

For Those Traveling with Kids - Kids Activities during Classes & Family Activities

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Meet your Instructor 

Sebastian Brosche, a Swedish-born Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, gained recognition not only for his accomplishments in grappling but also for his profound journey into yoga.

Despite starting with judo at a young age, he transitioned to grappling because he found Brazilian jiu-jitsu more aligned with his preferences for technique and flexibility over brute strength.

By 2011, years of judo and jiu-jitsu had left Brosche with severe back pain. It was during this time that he met Stine Hegre, who introduced him to yoga. Embracing yoga not only improved his overall health but also enhanced his grappling skills significantly.

Throughout his journey, Brosche continued to excel in both jiu-jitsu and yoga, eventually achieving his black belt in December 2016.

Motivated by the positive impact of yoga on his life and grappling, Sebastian and Stine launched "Yoga for BJJ," an innovative online platform that combined yoga and jiu-jitsu to help grapplers improve their performance and overall well-being. This initiative marked a significant contribution to the global grappling community.

The Breathtaking Obonjan Island 💆

Accommodation and Pricing

Spaces are Limited. All prices are including accommodation, the classes and breakfast.

Island Home S

1200€ for 1 person or 850€/e for 2 people

This is a good choice if you want your own space, but it also works well for couples or close friends. It comes with one bedroom and one bathroom, and you can have the beds either separate or together.

Check out more about Island Homes here

Glamping Lodge S

1100€ for 1 person or 800€/e for 2 people

This option is great if you want your own space, but it's also suitable for couples or close friends. It includes one shared bedroom with a double bed and one bathroom.

Check out more about Glamping Lodges here

Island Home M

1100€ per person or 2050€ for a family with 2 adults and children

Ideal for two people, this option offers shared access to the living room and patio while providing a private bedroom and a private bathroom.

Check out more about Island Homes here

Glamping Lodge M

1000€ per person or 1850€ for a family with 2 adults and children

Designed for two people, this option includes one room with a double bed and another room with two separate beds, both sharing a bathroom.

If you're a group of up to three people and wish to share accommodation, please notify us via email, as we have a budget-friendly option available.

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price option <div class="editor-content"><p><span>FOR SOLO OR COUPLES</span></p></div>


21-26 JULY

Led by Stine Brosche, this yoga-centered retreat invites you to embrace multiple daily sessions of muscle-soothing stretches beneath the radiant sun of Obonjan Island.

price option <div class="editor-content"><p>FAMILY YOGA RETREAT</p></div>


21-26 JULY

Led by Stine and Sebastian Brosche, this family-oriented retreat is ideal for those with children under 18, featuring a blend of engaging kids' activities and rejuvenating yoga.