Graduate and become a certified instructor

LIVE graduation: 11-13th of July with Sebastian Brosche

This first of it's kind live graduation is finally happening!
What's Included:

2 nights Accommodation

60min Morning Yoga

2-hour morning lecture

90 min practice teach in the evening

Daily Breakfast Included

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Yoga for BJ Live Graduation & Retreat - Croatia, July 2024

Welcome to Your Yoga Journey's Next Step!

Are you ready to graduate from your Yoga for BJJ training and get started on your new career? Join us in beautiful Croatia for our live graduation event in July 2024. This unique opportunity is open to all Yoga for BJ instructors who have completed their respective course curriculums.

Level Up Your Practice: Graduation Details

  • Dates: 11-12-13-14 July 2024

  • Location: Obonjan, Split, Croatia

  • Levels: 1, 2, and 3 instructors courses

Level 1, 2, and 3 Graduation

As a dedicated Yoga for BJ instructor, you have the chance to graduate live instead of over zoom. Whether you're a Level 1, 2, or 3 instructor, completing your curriculum means you're eligible to participate in this awesome event.

How to Participate

  1. Complete Your Curriculum: Ensure you have completed the coursework for your level.

  2. Register for Graduation: Sign up to confirm your spot by sending us an email or instagram DM

  3. Book a flight: Immerse yourself in a weekend of yoga, celebration, and community.

Extend Your Stay: Yoga for BJ Glamp Camp & Retreat

Following the graduation, we're pumped to be hosting the first ever Yoga for BJJ Glamp Camp / Yoga Retreat. This is a separate event starting the day after graduation and running from 14th-19th.

The Breathtaking Obonjan Island 💆

Accommodation and Pricing

Spaces are Limited. All prices are including accommodation, the classes and breakfast.

Island Home S

780€ for 1 person or 570€/e for 2 people sharing

This is a good choice if you want your own space, but it also works well for couples or close friends. It comes with one bedroom and one bathroom, and you can have the beds either separate or together.

Check out more about Island Homes here

Glamping Lodge S

710€ for 1 person or 540€/e for 2 people sharing

This option is great if you want your own space, but it's also suitable for couples or close friends. It includes one shared bedroom with a double bed and one bathroom.

Check out more about Glamping Lodges here

Island Home M

1080€/person or 720€/e for 2 sharing

Ideal for two people, this option offers shared access to the living room and patio while providing a private bedroom and a private bathroom.

Check out more about Island Homes here

Glamping Lodge M

960€/person or 660€/e for 2 sharing

Designed for two people, this option includes one room with a double bed and another room with two separate beds, both sharing a bathroom.

If you're a group of up to three people and wish to share accommodation, please notify us via email, as we have a budget-friendly option available.

Check out more about Glamping Lodges here

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