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Yoga for Drivers

YOGA FOR DRIVERS Duration: 10 min You know what's pretty cool? Driving a car and being mobile to a degree that was totally unatainable for most of humanity's existence. You know what's not cool? Tight hips and lower back pain, because our bodies are still made for...

Competition Week – Day #5

COMPETITION WEEK - DAY #5 Duration: 10min We keep it short and sweet today, the work is almost done, it's just time to move now, especially if you had to travel today! OSS! Best of skill.

Competition Week – Day #4

COMPETITION WEEK - DAY #4Duration: 21 min Time to take the foot of the pedal and slow the flow down. This should be familiar and somewhat relaxing at the same time!

Competition Week – Day #2

COMPETITION WEEK - DAY #2 Duration:  20 min We start with the flow again and finish up with a little bit of meditation, you'll see how good it feels!  

Competition Week – Day #1

COMPETITON WEEK- DAY #1 Duration: 18 min This first day features a nice flow for the first day of competition week, there is no need to take it too easy today. That's why we'll just flow & breathe. The Official Yoga for BJJ Warmup...

Neck program – Day #5

NECK PROGRAM - DAY #5 Duration: 10min This last video is a present for sticking with it! Very chill with time to relax and savour the benefits of your consistency. 

Neck program – Day #4

NECK PROGRAM - DAY #4Duration: 15 min We move lower and twist (with) our spine to get the same effect going in the neck.

Neck Program – Day #3

NECK PROGRAM - DAY #3 Duration: 13 min We work on our neck strength as well in this "episode". Rolling in all direction will help with our mobility, but do not use too much force. We also use the lacrosse balls again, with some extra...

Neck program – Day #2

NECK PROGRAM - DAY #2 Duration:  12 min Today we will move the shoulders with our neck to ensure that one of the most common causes of neck pain is addressed. Tight shoulders are often the culprit or an acomplice and we have to move them a little! ...