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At Yoga for BJJ we like to introduce you to the physical side of yoga, and leave the rest for you to find out.

We focus on stretching routines and flows for grapplers of all levels that are looking to improve themselves on and off the mats.

For grapplers, by grapplers. We know and understand the details and are here to bridge the gap between yoga and jiu-jitsu so that you can follow and work on improving yourself.

We highlight the relevance between yoga and jiu-jitsu and make sure that our classes are designed with grappling in mind.

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​​More Than Just Yoga

Over 15 years of combined yoga teaching.

Jiu-jitsu black belt competitors.

We know the benefits of yoga because we practice what we teach and are we ready for you to join.

​​No matter your needs or experience level, you’ll never be out of yoga practice videos to choose from.

​​Whether you want to stream instantly or download content for later, Yoga for BJJ is always ready for you to enjoy.

Can't make class tonight? Put on a yoga video and improve anyway.

​​Follow a daily yoga program to keep you improving.

Videos to choose from depending on level, body part, time and intensity.

Sore from training and need a reset? Do a cooldown class and be ready for tomorrow.

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​​Explore Premium Yoga Videos Tailored for Grapplers

​​Enjoy premium content designed specifically for you.

There’s something for every mood, every level, every goal.

"I'm as stiff as a rock and too tight for yoga"

Try Yoga for Rocks

Years of martial arts, desk jobs, or being a beast at the gym has made you tight and you don't know where to start right?

Try Yoga for Rocks, stretching routines with adaptations as an introduction to your journey of becoming more flexible and injury prevention on the mats.

"I've never tried yoga before and don't know where to start"

Start with our Beginner section

We will introduce the poses and sequences we use and walk you through your Yoga for BJJ journey.

I wan to try yoga, but I'm injured and don't want to make it worse

We have an entire injury rehab library

Rosi Sexton, our licensed Osteopath has recorded follow along videos for all the common jiu-jitsu injuries and the entire library is included in your subscription

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Years of martial arts, desk jobs, or being a beast at the gym has made you tight and you don't know where to start right?

Choose one of the following subscription options and begin your yoga for BJJ journey today.

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Semi Annually (every 6 months)


Unlimited access with a 6 month payment.

Pick up the tools it takes to improve yourself on the mats at jiu-jitsu using this subscription.

Think of what you can do in 6 months.

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This subscription will give you unlimited access to all of our content annually.

(This works out as less than $10 a month, most exercise classes are more than that for a drop in!)

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