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Getting Started

We are a group of BJJ practitioners that understand the benefits of yoga practice for brazilian jiu jitsu and in fact all martial arts. Our mission is making it available and understandable for everyone. The more people in the BJJ community that reap the benefits = the happier we are.

The site is an affordable subscription-based website, where we offer a yearly and monthly subscription, without contracts or shady deals.

First, click here to register on Yoga for BJJ. Before that you can click on the programs and see which videos are available to our members. When you feel ready for the benefits and effects of yoga on your own body, you are ready to subscribe as a member!

We offer a full refund if you are not satisfied after the first month (has yet to happen).

Yes, Stripe accepts most debit cards that have the option to make online purchases.

Ok, then there are a couple of things to check:
1. Make sure you have a credit or debit card with sufficient funds.
2. If you are based in the United States it’s possible that your bank blocked the transaction because it is charged from outside of the country, if you give them a call they can unblock it for you
3. If all else fails, give it another go in an hour. The mysteries of the internet will never be completely understood. Of course you can also reach out to our customer service and we will help ASAP!

Email info@yogaforbjj.net if none of the above works!

You should click right here to find that out, Sebastian will talk you through it.

Also use our order of progress sheet by clicking here 

If you have a serious injury, talk to your doctor or physiotherapist and ask if yoga is OK.

Then, check out the Yoga for BJJ rehab programs here – www.yogaforbjj.net/rehab-programs-on-yoga-for-bjj

We have a ton of rehab programs filmed by our licensed osteopath Rosi Sexton. She’s not just your ordinary osteopath though. She’s a former UFC veteran and BJJ brown belt. You could say she has as much experience with grappling injuries and their rehab as you could possibly find. Check out the programs, find the rehab program for your injury and start rehabbing. Many positions are great if you are hurt, while others might aggravate and make it worse.

With the Yoga programs though, a bit of sensitivity and self-preservation is needed here, and I would never give general advice to specific conditions (as I am not a doctor or specialist). That being said, I think most people will benefit from practicing yoga on a regular basis, injured or not! Go slow and don’t push it and you will be good.

Please read this article, we have that perfectly describes answers to both questions.

Check out our consistency boosting Daily Planners here

Yes, Sebastian and Miha have a bunch of videos on shop.www.yogaforbjj.net!

General Yoga Questions

Usually, no. The classes are designed to warm you up as you do them.

If you would like to do a little extra to loosen up before your class then check out our Official warm up routine.

I can only recommend the best mat out there: Manduka Pro.
It has a lifetime durability guarantee, and it gets better the longer you use it.
No matter what mat you use, don’t let it get dirty, as dust and sand will make it less sticky. Ask yourself this question as well: “How much will this mat start to slip after I start sweating?

Head over to our rehab library and choose the back rehab program that most suits your pain/injury type. You’ll find them if you click here

Another program you can do is the back pain program. It has exercises Sebastian used when fixing his herniated disc issues so it is tried and tested.

That’s fine, they don’t need to! Obsessing over that is a very white belt thing to do, kinda like choking someone from the guard. The goal in downdog should be to straighten your arms and your back. You can bend the knees and get into a comfortable stretch for the back of your legs!

You can also check out this article if you want to learn more about the pose and how to do it correctly!

Quite simply, yes. I would say that it is much easier to feel the positive effects of yoga if you are inflexible, because it can only get better. In fact, we have 4 Yoga for Rocks Programs on the website specifically designed for those who need some SOS assistance!

Great question, asked by everyone ever. If you do yoga once a week it is far better than doing yoga zero times per week. However, if you do an hour of yoga every day it is even better. My honest answer would be –as much as possible. At least 15 minutes a day will make a noticeable difference but doubling that will give you more than double the returns.

Flows are normally better as a standalone workout and perfect as a warm-up before BJJ and stretches are better after a long day or after training. There is nothing really wrong with doing them at any time, except for maybe long static stretching sessions before training (science shows that that isn’t the best idea). For the morning specifically, we created a morning bundle with morning yoga flows for when you are feeling sleepy and tight.

How do I become a certified Yoga for BJJ instructor?

To become a certified Yoga for BJJ instructor you have to attend one of our teacher training courses.

If you are interested or would like more information on our teacher trainings courses click here.

Technical Issues

This is common, because most people tend to forget if their username is their email or a username they set.
If you cannot reset your password, then send an email to info@yogaforbjj.net and we will remind you of your username, and reset your password.

Two things: First make sure that you actually cannot see the videos! If that is the case, then clear your browsers cache, and even try a different browser. If you still cannot watch the videos, please send an email to info@yogaforbjj.net and we will hard-boot your account (kicking it hard, and then restarting it.) That always works!

Very sorry to hear that, but no worries – Your first option is to go into your account and cancel your subscription there with a click or click on the chat bubble and we can do that for you.

Alternatively just send an email to info@yogaforbjj.net and she will cancel your payments. 

If you have financial problems, please let us know and we can find a solution for that.

For sure! If your device supports in browser streaming, then you can use it you watch the videos on your home TV. To do this using your Chromecast just open the video in Google Chrome, right click on your screen and click Cast

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