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So, you love BJJ ❤️

But it doesn't love you back ... 💔😥

Every time you train Jiu-Jitsu, it will take a toll on your body: Stiffness, Morning aches, worn-down tendons, and back pain is your future no matter how little or how much you train....

..and it just gets worse and worse every month 😭

But the craziest thing is:

Most people are under the illusion that there is no cure! 

So was I. 

I went through the struggle, and learned how to overcome the challenge, so you don't need to. 

At 25 years old I couldn't sleep...

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That's how bad it got. 😭

But I found a solution, a solution taking less than 20 minutes out of my day.

I'm ready to share the solution with you

Introducing ... The ultimate survival guide.

I am giving you 50 detailed videos to create the foundations of a long, healthy, and sustainable BJJ career. 

Just Imagine yourself  - Unlocking the keys to becoming; smooth, precise, coordinated, injury-free, strong, flexible, balanced, calm, and kicking butt on the mat, with no added risk! 

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Not convinced? 

Take a look at what others have to say...


"Ive tried a couple of different online training programs. Non have been as refined as yours. Clear progressions and detailed instructions without loosing tempo. Impressive."


(belt unknown)

"The Yoga for BJJ program has made a HUGE impact on me from both a pain management and general conditioning perspective.

The level of specificity that this program has toward getting your body ready for jiu-jitsu is simply amazing. You guys have become my go-to resource for supplemental BJJ training.

Thanks for everything you're doing."


(Belt unknown)

"To be honest, I absolutely love it. I really did have to push myself at the beginning and kind of force me to stick to it, but after I got past the first week or so I just enjoy it so much that I look forward for my Yoga class everyday. It's been quite tough, since I am pretty inflexible myself and do not have a lot of mobility, but I really followed all your advice and results started to show"


(belt unknown)

"First of all Yoga is just really awesome. But what it does for my jiu-jitsu - That's crazy. I remember when I started incorporating it into my training, my training partners noticed! My guard had become really hard to pass. Even brown belts (me being a white belt) were having trouble passing! But for me, that's not the biggest payoff. By far it's the recovery. When I do Yoga, I can do even more BJJ. I am less sore, I get less injuries and my body in general feels fantastic!"


(White belt)

"I've been a member for 5 years now. Sebastian and his team have created focused programs on common problem areas, from 10 to 40 mins+ 

It can be short and sweet or long and in depth, it really does cater for all needs and schedules. Couldn’t recommend them enough."

Adam Crowe


"The lower back pain I used to get from rolling has completely gone!

Despite increasing my training by a couple of sessions a week, and my open guard  retention is better than ever before”


(Belt Unknown)

"Best thing i've done in years is signing up. 

I'm 44 and my body feels and moves better now than i did in my 20’s"


(Belt Unknown)

"I discovered Yoga for BJJ as a purple belt and can honestly say it’s changed my life!


After so much stress on my body - I’m proud to say I’ve never had a serious injury of any type, and I directly attribute this to Yoga for BJJ”

Lloyd Cooper 

(Black Belt)

"One day I came across Yoga for BJJ and the results of the first 7 days convinced me that I need to do this more.

So much so that I took part in the instructor course and I now teach yoga for BJJ at my gym!!

It works, don’t hesitate!”

Aaron Pashley 

(Black Belt)

"Yoga for Bjj has been a life-changing discovery. I was on the edge of quitting BJJ because of back and hip problems. 

All my warm ups/cooldowns have been replaced.

After destroying my body for years, healing it makes me feel great and confident.”



"Thank You! For making such an awesome product! I’m from Australia and have been competing in Jiu-jitsu for 17 years. Ive been practicing yoga for a year from Youtube just doing whatever looks good. One of my students told me about your product - we did a video together and I was hooked!”


(Black Belt)

"Between work and school, I'm not able to train bjj as much as I would like to. Even so, I can make time for ten minutes of yoga on most days. After going through the Yoga for BJJ program for about eight weeks, I can feel my body and mind making connections and working together in ways that they couldn't before”


(Belt Unknown)

"My yoga for BJJ experience has been amazing, and I've only been training ju jitsu for a year. The yoga has really helped me improve in so many ways. Its given me a better connection to my body, which as a result allows me to flow and learn more. It has also made me a lot more mobile, flexible, recover fast and feel great! I really love doing it."

Lewis Bradshaw

(white belt)

"Thanks for the program, I can’t wait to see where I’m at by the end of the year”


(Belt Unknown)

"I started yoga for bjj as a brown belt. I had been training jiujitsu for several years and my body was very beat up. I used yoga as a way to relax and recover from injury. I can’t say enough good things about the site and what it has done for my jiujitsu and my mind. Please keep putting out great videos and information”


(Brown Belt)


Get your Yoga for BJJ Survival Guide now

100% refund guarantee if no results

Yoga for BJJ Survival Guide

(life time access)


100% refund guarantee if no results

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What's Included?

  1. 10 in 10 - 1 video a day for 10 days, for your whole body!

  2. Start Up Week - 10 tutorials, and 10 follow along flows

  3. Foundation Week 1 - including BJJ specific flows!

  4. Foundation Week 2 - including dynamic and balanced yoga classes

  5. The Yoga for Rocks Hip Program - stretch tight guard playing hips 

  6. 50 High quality follow along classes, serving you and your whole BJJ career. You'll be equipped with BJJ knowledge truly like never before!

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Other Yoga classes cost about $20 per class ($1500 a year) and take up HOURS from your week.

But with this survival guide, you get 50 hyper BJJ specific videos for just $3.58 each! (179$) - with lifetime access! 

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The lessons in the Survival Guide are perfected from my own experience as a Black Belt, 2x BJJ world champion, and 30 years on the mat, running Yoga for BJJ, an IRL Yoga Academy, and educating over 400 instructors.

I know what works, and what doesn't. 

And let me tell you It doesn't get better than us.

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