Do You Suffer With Back Pain From BJJ?

Tired of waking up with a sore back from training last night?

Most grapplers and jiu-jitsu practitioners will suffer from back pain at some point.

Getting stacked, twisted, smashed and falling the wrong way all contribute to back pain and we need to do something so we can combat it.

That is where Yoga for BJJ comes in, we have stretching routines and classes from Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt yoga instructors that know how it feels, and know how to help.

Our classes will give you the tools to better yourself and start to feel the benefits of stretching.

With hundreds of classes on our website, we pride ourselves on helping jiu-jitsu practitioners improve and stay on the mats.

We have put together a collection of videos that suits grapplers with back pain and you can get access for a one-time fee.


What Are The Benefits Of The Back Pain Bundle?

Feel the benefits of stretching and mobility work and start to undo years of neglecting it

Improve mobility, flexibility and strength for jiu-jitsu

Classes by a licensed osteopath, black belts and certified yoga instructors

Practice anywhere, anytime & at your own pace

All of our instructors are grapplers so we practice what we teach

Jiu-jitsu relevant poses, to keep you close to your training goals

What are other jiu-jitsu practitioners saying?


This is the best resource for yoga that I have ever used, even aside from BJJ. Though it is hugely helpful for BJJ too. Loads of great videos and programs. It helped me get on top of long term back pain in a way I couldn't for years.


Shaftoe Waterhouse

Google Play Store Review


I love this. It has kept me active and the instructor is really helpful. I also highly recommend this because it has helped me identify areas of needed improvement and helped my back problems immensely!


Michael Myers

Google Play Store Review


The best yoga app, with the best instruction at the best subscription price. Even for a lad with a chronic back problem, busted knees, arthritic ankles and hands, no flexibility, bulging discs etc etc. You get the picture.


Máirtín Mag Uidhir

Google Play Store Review

One Time Purchase

Pay once and practice any time by streaming on the website or app



This will give you lifetime access to stream the entire Yoga for Back Pain Bundle on your Yoga for BJJ account.


What's included in the Back Pain Bundle?

Download the app and practice anywhere!

We are accessible on iOS, Android, Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku