Yoga for BJJ
Yoga Instructor Course - Our BEST EVER price
Yoga Instructor Course - Our BEST EVER price

Yoga Instructor Course - Our BEST EVER price

So you’ve been practicing Yoga for a while, and you’re totally convinced of the benefits.

But when you hit the mats, you see your team-mates dealing with painful injuries and mobility issues.

Maybe you are a gym owner and you’re tired of your students having to take time off due to injuries.

Whatever your situation, our Yoga Instructor Course can transform the BJJ of you and your team.

Here’s what it looks like:

Level 1: RRP: $750

✅ How to deliver the perfect warmup for BJJ (or any sport).

✅How to teach a full yoga class, taking your teammates through the whole spectrum of breath and movement.

✅How to lead a class effectively and in a relaxing manner.

Level 2: RRP: $699

✅A new warm-up sequence that has been tried and tested over the years.

✅Learn how to teach themed classes - hip flow, splits class, and more.

✅Learn how to deliver cooldowns, and full stretch & relaxation classes.

✅Learn how to give hybrid Yoga/BJJ seminars.

For a limited time only, we’re offering you both Level 1 & 2 instructor courses for $1000 - with lifetime access.

You don’t need to be a yogi master or BJJ black belt to take the course. All you need is some martial arts experience, and

a belief that yoga is the perfect tool to improve your BJJ.



I truly believe this instructor course offers amazing value, and I’ve seen first-hand how it could transform not just your BJJ, but your overall health.

But don’t just take my word for it. Hear from the community!

Why we made the course:
Why we made the course:

Why we made the course:

I strongly believe that yoga is for a life-time.

Having faced painful injuries in the past, embracing yoga has allowed me to live my life with energy and passion.

I want to share that with you, and give you the ability to share it with others.

How it works:

We know that life can be busy.

That’s why we’ve made our Level 1 & 2 course completely online and with no end-date. That means you can study at

your own pace. We have 3 separate graduations in a year, so the instructor course can fit in with your lifestyle.

There is no BS in this course, and it won’t feel like a boring academic class. I personally guarantee that you will enjoy

the course. The classes and theory are all practical: you will be able to implement this in real life immediately.

Each class will have homework to practice, and you’ll learn to master teaching a warmup and full yoga class before you


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Our Best Price Ever (this month only)

I know how difficult it is right now for people to enroll in courses and improve themselves.

That’s why I want to offer you the best possible price on our Level 1 & 2 Yoga Instructor course.


Level 1: $750

Level 2: $699

Sale price: $1000 for both

This includes:

✅Level 1 instructor course with lifetime access

✅Level 2 instructor course with lifetime access

✅Lifetime access to Yoga for BJJ classes

After completing Level 1 & 2, you can embark on our Level 3 course, where you can become a fully certified yoga trainer,

and even turn your passion into a business that generates you income.

This deal will end on XX/XX/XX at midnight!

We can’t sustain this offer for long - this is your chance to get the best possible price on our instructor courses.

It’s unlikely we will offer this price again, so don’t wait around too long!

I know that it can be difficult to pay up front.

This is a community, and I’m so grateful you are considering being a part of it- that’s why I want this to be a course that

works for you and your circumstances.

If you are interested in the course, but would prefer to finance or pay in installments, please get in touch with me

personally at XXXX, or DM us on Instagram.

- Sebastian & Stine

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