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Interview with Ahmed El-Sayed

Ahmed just recently completed a 200 hr teacher training, he competes as our sponsored athlete as well.

Interview with head IBJJF doctor

Insightful interview with a very experienced and accomplished man! 

Yoga for BJJ Podcast #1

The inaugural Yoga for BJJ podcast. Full of frequently asked questions, discussions about BJJ, yoga, life etc.

Smooth Transitions: Sebastian Brosche Documentary

Great documentary by Progress and Goliveco on Sebastian any yoga for bjj.

5 yoga poses for BJJ

Yoga has gone from mystic rituals in India to American style sweaty fitness classes in matter of just a few years. The question this article aims to answer is: What can yoga do for a BJJ player?

Straddle pose: Tips & Variations

The straddle. One of the essential poses in yoga and one that we use often at Yoga for BJJ. It is great because it offers a nice stretch for your spine as well as your hips and legs, while allowing you to relax your shoulders and your neck.

Yoga For Back Pain

Few things sucks as hard as back pain. All you want to do is roll and have fun, and your body is acting out like a teenager and revolting against you with shooting pain down your hips and legs.
Going to the doctor…

Three Tips For Better Posture

Slouching Kills. That’s what it should say on the package when you buy a new desk chair on IKEA.
You have probably heard people say the words “straighten up!” in an honest way to…