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Use our yoga classes and stretches for jiu-jitsu practitioners and martial artists. Improve your mobility, strength and flexibility for BJJ

How do we help your BJJ?

The real question - how don't we? From rehabbing injuries to improving focus, movement, breathing and flexibility for BJJ. We also have a strong support team of jiu-jitsu black belts that is passionate about your success, and of course Sebastian that keeps things entertaining as we stretch. If you are missing this - you are missing out.

Access On All Devices

An active subscription will give you unlimited access to our yoga videos and stretching routines for jiu-jitsu on the website and apps along with our entire injury rehab library so you can practice anywhere any time.

Take the leap, give this a shot

Feel the benefits of consistent yoga practice. The only way to improve and change is to start doing Yoga for BJJ today. (Money back if you fail, which you won't) We will help you stay consistent and get improvements. We will give you the tools to improve mobility, strength, cardio and flexibility for jiu-jitsu. Make a decision today and give it a try 🤙